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Responsive Mobile-Friendly template for Joomla 3, the best open-source content management system (CMS). A responsive layout automatically adapts to the viewing device, allowing for an optimized appearance on multiple devices, such as tablets.

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Theme Parameters

Category: Template Features Published: Friday, 25 July 2014 Written by Super User

This template provides some backend parameters for convenient template management. Navigate Extensions->Template Manager and click on the proper template name to set up template parameters.

Template Parameters TFJ YATA Premium Joomla 3 RWD Template

Customizing Joomla! TFJ YATA Premium Template

How to change Top logo

The logo "TFJ YATA Joomla! 3 Responsive Template" is default sample image logo and you are free to replace with your own. The logo image file is called logo.png and located in folder joomla_root_folder/images/. There are 3 stages involved in changing the default logo to your own:

Step 1: Prepare your own logo image file

First, you need to prepare your own logo image file in some graphic editor like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp. We recommend you to save your logo in format PNG, but you can use any other as well.

Step 2: Upload logo image file to your server - folder: joomla_root_folder/images/

If you uploaded your logo to template’s images folder overwriting the original file.

Step 3: Setup template parameter to use new logo

You can also use the parameter for a text logo

1. Go to template manager by menu Extensions -> Template Manager.
2. Click on template name TFJ YATA.
3. Here in the Template Edit page you will see the list of template parameters in section Parameters. You need to configure following parameters:

Header Logo - Template Basic Options

Type - select type of logo: Image or Text (default is image).
If you have chosen Type: Text, need in the fields below enter the name of your site.
Click button Save.

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